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Musings of a SpringOne 2009 Attendee – Day 2

Running a day late on my posts. Here’s day two (yesterday)

Grails Quick Start – David Klien

David walked through the creation of a Grails web application to track a JUG’s meeting schedule. I liked his presentation style or maybe because the room wasn’t very crowded things just registered better. Picked up a few tips such as the Bootstrap class. Grails still has a ways to go in the eclipse tooling. It would’ve been nice to have been able to File –> New Project and follow along. Too bad IntelliJIDEA CE doesn’t support grails though there has been plenty of buzz on the latest STS. Downloading this right now. Only 3 more hours for the download to complete!

I think I’m beginning to dig duck typing. All in all the presentation encouraged me to put my head down and hammer out a sample app to start building some grails knowledge. More homework! Continue reading

Musings of a SpringOne 2009 Attendee – Day 1

It has finally arrived. SpringOne which I have been anticipating for over a month is finally here and it  couldn’t have come sooner. I need one more blast of warm sunny weather before the hibernation months of winter. My day started at 3:30 am, well actually 4:00 am as I managed to roll out of bed. But before long I was sitting on the plane to St. Louis going over the conference schedule doing my first round of eliminations. This is the easy one. I knock out all the sessions that I have absolutely no interest in going. The ones that even the temptation of free beer cannot get me to go to. You get the idea. Even with an 8 track schedule there wasn’t a lot I could eliminate. But I had started the process. Once in St. Louis I had a 4 hour stop-over. Continue reading

Hands-on OSGi and Modular Web Applications – Part I – Toes First

A Brief Introduction

This is the first in a series of blog posts that will attempt to demystify OSGi and demonstrate how it enables the creation of modular web applications. We will explore various aspects of the technology along with the challenges of using this technology. I encourage you to join in the discussion by posting any comments about your own experiences or challenges you have faced developing OSGi applications. We start with the assumption that we understand what OSGi is and the specific modularity problem it tries to solve. Here are some resources you can visit to read up on this.

  1. http://neilbartlett.name/blog/2008/06/06/what-is-osgi-for/ – this one talks about the problem space
  2. http://www.infoq.com/interviews/osgi-adrian-colyer – this one brings Spring and OSGi together

Turn on the ignition

Lets get started. This first post will show you how to launch an OSGi framework and how you can interact with it. You will first need to have a JDK installed. I recommend the Sun JDK. You then need an OSGi implementation. Continue reading