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Musings of a SpringOne 2009 Attendee – Day 3

Agile Architecture – Technologies and Patterns – Kirk Knoernschild

Some of the questions this session set out to attempt to answer were

  1. What is architecture?
  2. What defines architecture?
  3. What are architectural decisions?
  4. Is architecture a forward only decision?

Several definitions of Architecture were quoted from prior literature. Such as architecture being the the shared understanding of the system being built. Shared understanding between a group of people who need to communicate about it — developers and architects, or technical and management etc.
Lean principles are you delay Continue reading

Hands-on OSGi and Modular Web Applications – Part I – Toes First

A Brief Introduction

This is the first in a series of blog posts that will attempt to demystify OSGi and demonstrate how it enables the creation of modular web applications. We will explore various aspects of the technology along with the challenges of using this technology. I encourage you to join in the discussion by posting any comments about your own experiences or challenges you have faced developing OSGi applications. We start with the assumption that we understand what OSGi is and the specific modularity problem it tries to solve. Here are some resources you can visit to read up on this.

  1. http://neilbartlett.name/blog/2008/06/06/what-is-osgi-for/ – this one talks about the problem space
  2. http://www.infoq.com/interviews/osgi-adrian-colyer – this one brings Spring and OSGi together

Turn on the ignition

Lets get started. This first post will show you how to launch an OSGi framework and how you can interact with it. You will first need to have a JDK installed. I recommend the Sun JDK. You then need an OSGi implementation. Continue reading