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Using Git with Subversion

If you haven’t heard of Git or don’t understand why you should use it, checkout the talk given by the author to Google (Torvalds, 2007).  Git is an excellent version control tool for agile software development.  But many of us may not have the luxury of using Git because our company has deemed that we shall use Subversion.  Now Subversion is not a bad tool and has added some nice features in version 1.7.  But my preference is to use Git. Continue reading

One good reason why Git makes sense

When I first heard about distributed version control systems and Git about a year and a half ago, I was very much a Subversion user both at work and at home. I knew how to setup Subversion, it’s ACLs and make it available over http via Apache. You could say I was committed (pun intended). And then all this noise about DVCS and in particular Git and I was wondering why in the world would anyone give away control over their code repository. If I wanted to work disconnected from the network (say on the airplane like everyone seemed to want) I would just work and worry about checking things back in when I connected to the network next.

In spite of being a non-believer I stayed with Git and what seemed like the hype around it. I read up on it and I even got myself an account on github and setup a few projects there. Git seemed interesting but it wasn’t really solving any problems for me that Subversion wasn’t already. And then I had my first ah ha! moment yesterday.

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