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Avoid merge hell when committing from Git to a Subversion repository

Previously (I sound like an episode of desperate housewives!) we saw how we can easily commit an existing Git repository into Subversion. That was great and we can commit changes to our git repository and execute git svn dcommit all day long to send the changes up to Subversion. Now things get a little hairy when you throw a second developer into the mix who is committing to the same Subversion repository.
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How to commit an existing git project into Subversion

In my last post I mentioned how Git’s stash feature finally convinced me that it made sense in my subversion world. Well, once I was well underway on my new project, I’d reached the point where I was ready to commit version 0.1 to subversion. Googling for how to commit a Git project into Subversion will lead you to a few resources. The one that was spot on with a minor wrinkle was this post. I’ve taken what Brandon posted there and condensed it here with the update for the –root option for the rebase command.
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