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Code Quality Metrics with Sonar, Part III: Sonar in a Ant-based Java Project

Now we will cover the fun stuff for which we’ve been waiting. In this post, I’ll go over how to setup Sonar for a Java project that utilizes Ant for its build.  I’ll go through the basic steps for installing and running a Sonar instance, and how to use a MySQL database for collecting metrics. Then I’ll go into some details around analyzing a Java project using Ant and Sonar. This involves writing Ant script, pointing to the source codes, analyzing the binaries, analyzing JUnit test cases, analyzing Ecl Emma coverage, etc.

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Greasemonkey is an extension for Firefox that leverages javascript to modify the look and functionality of a page. At first glance this tool looks like a neat toy. However, this tool came in quite handy at one of our clients recently.

Our client was tracking their daily status on a whiteboard in a conference room. A corporate memo was sent out banning the exclusive use of whiteboards for teams. As a result we turned to our web-based tracking tool. Unfortunately their whiteboard equivalent was clunky and inadequate. I spent a few hours putting together a Greasemonkey script that altered the look of this page to mimic our old whiteboard. These changes helped ease this transition.
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First Glance at PowerShell

A couple days ago I had the surprisingly excellent opportunity to learn and use Windows PowerShell… What? Don’t look at me like that. I disapprove of Microsoft just as much as the next Linux fanboy, but seriously, this was cool. Just give me a chance to explain. I swear, I was forced into the situation – one of the projects I was working on required a simple script be written to rename files on a Windows server, but for various reasons, I couldn’t use Cygwin. After a brief panic attack caused by the realization that I would have to be separated from my beloved Bash, I looked into which scripting language would be best. After an exhaustive, comprehensive, and fully extensive 30-second Google search I found myself with a choice between Powershell and classic Batch… Naturally, I chose Powershell.

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