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Test Driven Groovy: StubFor

After years of being immersed in Java development, I must admit that I got spoiled by its strong and mature ecosystem. Hence, whenever I want to pick up a new technology or programming language the following must be there:

  • Support by my favorite IDE (Eclipse or IntelliJ IDEA)
  • Mature building framework. It does not have to be Maven or Gradle but it needs to be at least better than Ant.
  • Easy TDD. This could be the trickiest one to achieve because not only do I need a testing framework, but it must also be supported by my IDE and build tool. Moreover, it must have an adequate mocking framework.

Groovy easily satisfies those criteria right out of the box. It has awesome support by IntelliJ IDEA, Gradle is written in Groovy and you can write JUnit 3-style unit tests.  

Akrem Saed
Akrem Saed

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