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Getting Started with Camel: Error Handling

Error handling is tricky. Not because it’s especially hard to do, but because everyone (operations, the business team, fellow programmers) seems to have a different idea of how a particular situation should be handled. A web service is down? No problem. You should try again every five seconds, but no more than 10 times. If the service doesn’t respond, send Operations an email, but don’t send me an email every time you fail to message it, just the 10th time.

These special requests result in “little gems” of code that are sprinkled throughout your application. They’re really important when everything is going wrong and ignored the rest of the time. It’s a shame really, some of the ridiculous stuff above is harder to write (and test) than some of the production code we’ve all written.

I know I’ve said this before, but I like Camel. It makes all the silly requests above trivial, and it gives me a mechanism for testing that I wired everything up correctly. Let’s look at a few ways to deal with errors that occur in your Camel routes.

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